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Turf Seed

A-List Your Turf / Make Your Field a Legend

With roots in agronomic practices Conserv FS has over 100 years of experience in making plants grow. Professional Turf Seed plants make the difference between growing grass and producing a beautifully playable surface that is both pleasing to the eye and durable enough to withstand the harsh climate we see in the Midwest. Our Certified Turf Specialists can guide you through the myriad of choices found in the market today. With professional partners like A-List and DLF Pickseed Seed & Science, we provide the best opportunity for quick establishment and long lasting endurance.

Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf (A-List)

A-List seeds require low inputs, are evaluated for drought resistance, NTEP tested, demonstrate better turf quality, and are tested on a regular basis to assure performance. Conserv FS provides A-Listed seed blends developed in cooperation with DLF Pickseed. Find out more by talking with your Certified Turf Specialist, or fill out the form below and choose A-List.


A-List Seed. Sustainable Variety. Reduced Input. Heat Tolerance. Decreased Water Use.

Make Your Field a Legend®!

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The Latest in Turfgrass Breeding Development

The Legend® Professional Turf Grass Seed product line is used by professional sports field managers, High School & College Athletic Directors, Golf Course Superintendents and Park District Grounds keepers through out the Chicagoland & greater Milwaukee areas. Choose from:

  • Sunny or Shady Mix               
  • Athletic Elite ProNitro™ Plus
  • Cold Start, Landscape Mix, or Sport
  • Elite Kentucky Bluegrass or Perennial Rye
  • And others...              

Legend® is available exclusively through Conserv FS.  Find out more by talking with your Certified Turf Specialist, or request the best by completing the form below.

ProNitro™ Plus Seed Treatment



5 in 1 Technology Brings Targeted Seed Nutrition!

ProNitro™ Plus enables you to achieve stronger germination, faster establishment, and save time and money. The targeted combination of products in the ProNitro™ Plus seed coating makes essential nutrients and water available to each germinating seedling for better germination and improved nutrient utilization during early plant growth. Improved Continuous Growth - Resistance to Drought/Stresses - Strong Healthy Plants. Find out more in the guide below.

Professional Product Guide


Professional Product Guide

Find everything from tools to inputs to tank cleaner.

Click here
You can explore all of our Professional Turf Seed varieties, beginning on Page 110 of the Professional Product Guide. Or, by talking with your Turf Product Specialist.

READY NOW? Use the form below to request pallet quantities. All seeds are 50lb Bags / 2,000lbs per Pallet. You'll receive a call back confirming your order. Conserv FS is proud to be the Professional Partner of Parks, Municipalities, Landscapers, and Professional Ball Park Managers in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We'd be happy to assist you in your projects as well!

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