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FS Propane Delivery Service & Sales | Wisconsin & Illinois

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FS Propane Delivery in SE Wisconsin and NE Illinois

Conserv FS has been in the propane business for over 50 years serving residential, agricultural, and commercial propane customers in southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois. 

Our propane sales and delivery drivers have received their CETP certification, which is the premier training program offered to the propane industry and is recognized by the National Propane Gas Association. Our propane drivers are trained to ensure your propane tanks and lines are in good working condition, and if an emergency arises, they are on-call and available to make deliveries 24 hours a day.

Conserv FS Propane Delivery Services

24/7 Emergency Service:  877-548-1034 

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Propane emits less than half the greenhouse gas emissions of electricity to produce the same amount of energy, with more than 40% of the electricity in the U.S. being produced by coal-fired power plants. In colder climates like the Midwest, high-efficiency propane-fueled furnaces produce half as many carbon dioxide emissions as electric air source heat pumps. This large difference in environmental performance is driven by heat pumps’ use of electric resistance backup heating during the cold winter months.
Putting Propane to Work for You. Companies in a wide range of business sectors are finding propane to be a highly economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly option to meet all of their fueling needs. Using propane as a fuel source not only reduces operating and maintenance costs but also improves your company's marketability by showing your commitment to protecting the environment and public health while acting to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil and create more American jobs.
At FS, We Take Pride in Fueling Your Farm. On 865,000 farms across the US, farmers enjoy the economical, environmentally-friendly, and efficient properties of propane to provide energy for a wide range of applications, including: grain drying, livestock operations, irrigation pumps, weed control, fuel for farm equipment and vehicles, and standby generators.

Propane Autogas

Across the nation and throughout the world, businesses and organizations are realizing the benefits of switching from gasoline or diesel to propane autogas to fuel their vehicles and equipment. Propane burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel—which means fewer emissions—and is non-toxic. In addition, it is cheaper and easier on engines, which means not only lower fuel costs but also savings on maintenance costs and longer engine life.

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