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Bigelow Gen photo 2012

Cale A. Bigelow, Purdue University

Area of Expertise: Turfgrass Science/Management, Soil Properties and Turfgrass Nutrition

Dr. Bigelow's research program provides practical information that enables turf managers of all abilities to grow the highest quality turf using the fewest management inputs (e.g. mowing, fertilization, irrigation and pesticides). This is being accomplished by emphasizing adapted turfgrass species and cultivar selection, proper establishment methods and employing sound cultural practices with an emphasis on soil fertility and nutrient management related issues. Find out more about Dr. Bigelow, his published works, awards and honors at:, Retrieved, 10/1/19.

Ground Level Topic:

What's the Poop on Carbon Based Fertilization? Definitions and Expectations

Pro-Track Topic:

Soil and Tissue Testing for Professionals:  Don't Guess!


Jerry Brown, Precision Organics

Director of Sales and Distribution , Dave Fritz, President, and Dr. John Lloyd, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer

Brown’s career spans over three decades in the professional green industry, serving with nationally recognized industry leaders in manufacturing, distribution and service providers. Brown has presented opportunities to improve bottom line performance to green industry professionals in business and professional services. He is a leader in bringing cutting edge performance based and environmentally sustainable products to the industry with specific focus on improving bottom line performance with technology. Dr. John Lloyd and Dave Fritz, President of Precision Organics, join Jerry Brown., Retrieved, 10/17/19.

Ground Level Topic:

Aerate Without Losing the Preemergence Barrier:  Comparing Microbial Aeration to Mechanical Methods

Pro-Track Topic:

The Profitability of Ground-Breaking Microbial Aeration: Changing the Bottom Line Through Effective Use of Products and Labor


Brad Essary, Profile Products

Regional Sales Manager, Turface Athletics, With Darren Seybold, Director of Sports Turf, University of Tennessee

Essary comes to Profile/Turface through the acquisition of Southern Athletic Fields, Inc. in Columbia, TN where he worked in outside sales and consulting for the past 18 years. He has been known in the industry for his vast knowledge of sports field construction, renovations, and especially mound clay applications of all types. Essary hails from the Kentucky Lake area of Northwest Tennessee on the Tennessee River and is an avid duck hunter and part time crappie fishing pro. He is passionate about sports fields and is looking forward to working with Conserv FS partners and customers.


Darren Seybold is the Director of Sports Turf at the University of Tennessee. Seybold oversees multiple sports fields including Neyland Stadium, home of the Tennessee Volunteers. Seybold has spanned the country perfecting his craft. Upon graduating from Mississippi State, the Butler, Ala. native landed his first job overseeing the athletic facilities at Louisiana-Lafayette. He then spent three years in baseball's minor leagues with the Chicago White Sox organization, mainly in Birmingham before landing in the majors with the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. Ref: Painter J., (2011, Sept. 14), Retrieved 10/24/19.

Ground Level Topic:

Building the Perfect Grounds Crew:  Knowing the Tools, the Materials, and the Plan

Pro-Track Topic:

Big Time Events and How to Manage Them: Professional Field Management Practices

Jason Fausey_A (1)

Jason Fausey Ph.D., Nufarm Americas

Director, Technical Services T&O, Nufarm Americas, Inc 

Jason Fausey is the Director of Technical Services for Nufarm Americas and currently resides in Tiffin, OH.  Fausey joined Nufarm after fifteen years of developing new chemistry with Valent Professional Products. Fausey entered the turf and ornamental industry after completing his Master's of Science and Ph.D. at Michigan State University where he specialized in herbicide physiology., Retrieved 10/24/2019.

Ground Level Topic:

Maximizing the Use of Preemergence Herbicides:  Understand the key factors impacting application results

Pro-Track Topic:

Making Decisions in a Chemically Challenged Environment:  Glyphosate -vs- Soft Chemistry, the What, the Why, the Benefits


Eric Gerhartz, Vivid Life Sciences

Leader in Turf and Ornamental Sales

Eric Gerhartz joined Vivid Life Sciences in July 2016 to lead the turf and ornamental sales division. With more a than a decade of experience in the turf and ornamental industry, Gerhartz brings a wealth of knowledge to his role in managing product development, distributor relations, marketing, research trials and sales force development. Before joining Vivid, Gerhartz was previously with Arysta LifeScience and Liquid Fence., Retrieved 10/1/19.

Ground Level Topic:

Great Results with Responsible Use: Understanding the Label, the Law and Preventing Application Mishaps

Pro-Track Topic:

Glyphosate and the Ever-Changing World of Non-Selective Herbicides: A Clear Understanding of Weed Control and Today's Options


Chip Houmes, Precision Laboratories

Midwest District Manager

Chip Houmes brings 38 years of experience in the Green Industry. He has worked with Dow Chemical, Ciba-Geigy, and most recently spent the last 21 years with Precision Laboratories, LLC. Soil surfactant chemistries both move water deeper into the soil off the surface, as well as help maintain a balance volumetric water volume. They can be used in landscaping, Plant containers, all turf areas, including athletic fields. One product is even specially designed for infield skins on baseball fields. Houmes now shares his decades of knowledge about improving water management here at Tech Day.

Ground Level Topic:

Is There Something in the Water? Learn How to Water Less and See More Results

Pro-Track Topic:

Are Your Own Practices Costing You Money? Drift Destroys Dollars but Adjuvants Add Them Up


Kevin Lewis, ArborJet

Midwest Regional Technical Manager

Lewis brings more than 30 years of varied experiences in the green industry to building sound agronomic programs and practices. As a former Class A Superintendent, he has worked in both private and public settings. Additionally, Kevin has spent two years working with local lawncare companies developing business and sound complete turf management programs. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University ATI with a degree in Turfgrass Management.  Today, he trains customers and distributors alike in unique chemistries that enhance plant health, reduce water usage, mitigate drought stress, and make it a greener world.

Ground Level Topic:

Invasive Tree Pests and the Solutions: Insects, Disease, and Trunk Injection Techniques

Pro-Track Topic:

Managing Plant Healthcare for Trees: Insect Discussion, Strategies for Promoting Plant Health, and Managing Drought 


Dr. Gregg Munshaw, Ph.D. University of Kentucky 

Director of Research: Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf (A-List)

A-List is a non-profit organization seeking to aid turfgrass managers and grass growers by providing holistic guidelines that account for all factors in sustainable plant growthThe members are comprised of universities and industry companies serving to test, identify, and promote grass varieties that combine high turf quality and low-input performance; such as reduced water, chemical, and fertility., Retrieved 10/24/19.

Dr. Munshaw received his BS and MS degrees from the University of Kentucky and his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. His research program focuses on sustainability, including improving soils and incorporating non-traditional plant species into turf stands. He investigates two species systems for golf, sports turf, and horse racing. Munshaw has given hundreds of presentations on all aspects of turfgrass management and has published many articles based on his work.

Ground Level Topic:

Turf Seed Types: The Pros, the Cons, and the Uses of Low-Input Varieties

Pro-Track Topic:

Resource Management: The Financial Impacts of Low-Input Seed

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