How can I apply for credit with Conserv FS? 

Applying for credit at Conserv FS is as simple as filling out our credit application.  To apply for credit, please choose and complete the appropriate credit application:

Consumer/Personal Credit Application (choose this application if applicant is using SS#)

Municipal Credit Application (This option is for schools, park districts and government agencies)

Commercial/Business Acct Credit Application(choose this application if applicant is using FEIN)

Applications may also be obtained at any of our locations, from our sales staff, or by contacting our Credit Manager, Linda Christiansen at 815-334-5940 or [email protected] A few reminders when completing the credit application:

  • In order for us to complete your request, please complete the application as thoroughly as possible, and be sure to sign all documents.
  • We cannot complete your application request without the name of your Conserv FS salesman. If you are unsure who that is, please contact your local Conserv FS location.

How do I submit my credit application?

The most expedient method of return is EMail.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mail: Conserv FS, Attn: Linda Christiansen, PO Box 1550, Woodstock, IL 60098

How is my credit limit determined? 

Credit limits with Conserv FS are determined based on the credit worthiness of all applying individuals and entities. While the credit application is our primary source of review, other documents and verifications may be requested, including supplier/bank references and financial information.

What if I have more questions? 

Our sales and location staff should be your go-to team for all Conserv FS related questions. If you need to contact our Credit Manager, Linda Christiansen directly, you can do so at 815-334-5940 or [email protected] or for agricultural specific applicants you can also contact our Ag Credit Manager, Lisa Tonyan directly, you can do so at 815-334-5945 or [email protected]