Go Further with Conserv FS

​We're all about helping you improve performance and lower operating costs. And while other companies market whatever comes out of the terminal, we formulate our own premium fuels and lubricants to meet and exceed OEM standards.

Our products help you improve fuel efficiency, extend drain intervals, lower maintenance costs and keep your equipment on the road or in the field making you money. Our energy expertise is extensive and our track record is one of the best in the industry. All of your energy needs can easily be met by the professionals at Conserv FS, whether they are agricultural, industrial, commercial, retail or fleet providing you next generation fuel management tools, state-of-the-art software and essential quality products.

When you get right down to it, we have a lot in common. After all, energy service is about two things: delivering what you promised, when you promised it. When it comes to helping you operate your business more efficiently, we do exactly that.

Go Further with Conserv ​FS!​​

 FAST STOP - 24hr Automated Fuel Stations

Conserv FS also has the answer to your retail fuel needs. Nearly 300 locally owned and operated FS FAST STOP® and FS FAST STOP® Express locations across the Midwest offer quality diesel fuel and gasoline as well as ethanol and biodiesel blends. Each of our fuel stations are automated, available 24-hours a day, and allow for a variety of payment options. 

Find out more at efaststop.com​.​

 On-Site Fueling

Businesses that are driven to succeed, partner with Conserv FS. Our team of energy experts provides next -generation fuel management tools and state-of-the-art software to ensure smooth operation, protection of vital parts, and maximum efficiency. Proprietary products such as Dieselex® Gold, Suprex Gold® ESP heavy-duty diesel engine oil and Akro Gold®​ high detergent gasoline are formulated to bring additional value to users compared to competitive products. Along with customized fuel programs - on site fueling may be your answer.

 On-Site Tank Installation

​​​Convenience is everything! Conserv FS can install a fuel tank on-site giveing you the convenience you're looking for, the customization you deserve, which in turn allows your company complete control over fueling times.

 Fuel Analysis & Testing

At Conserv FS, we want to make sure that the fuel we provide for your operation is everything we say it is. That’s why we regularly test and analyze our fuels at various points along the supply chain – from the terminal or bulk plant where they’re loaded, to the tanker or tankwagon that delivers them to your operation.​​​

 Regulatory Compliance

If your operation home-fuels, you know that there are a variety of federal, state and local fuel storage regulations that you’re required to stay compliant with. With that being said your FS energy specialists knows your area’s fuel storage requirements inside and out, so you can always count on FS to help you keep your operation safe and in compliance.

 Price Risk Management

Fuel costs continue to be a top concern for most operations; more and more customers are turning to the energy experts at FS to help them get their cost under control. That is why at FS we feel that helping you better manage your energy cost is just another way we help take you further.

 Fuel Quality Management

At FS we know one of the best ways to keep your diesel trucks’ running at optimum efficiency is to make sure the fuel that comes out of that tank is as problem-free as the fuel that went into it. That’s why we regularly inspect your tank for moisture, particulates and other problems that can compromise the efficiency of your fueling operations.

 Fuel Products

​​Diesel​​​​ex Gold

Dieselex Gold from FS is uniquely formulated to provide greater fuel efficiency, greater engine protection and reduced downtime for operations like yours.

​Dieselex Gold Biodiesel Blends

A Dieselex Gold biodiesel blend from FS can help you clean up emissions, control fuel costs and ensure maximum operating efficiency from your diesel engines.


Sure-Flo from FS delivers strong cold-temperature performance, improved fuel efficiency and optimum lubricity. It is specially formulated to work with today's ULSD fuels and biodiesel blends.​​


AkroGold significantly reduces engine deposits and hesitation, while also lowering emissions and improving overall fuel economy. In addition, AkroGold helps prevent gum formation in gasoline kept in storage, a major plus for equipment that may sit idle over the winter.​​